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Expert Audi Service and Repair
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Welcome to C’s Autohaus, your premier destination for expert Audi service and maintenance. Located in Centerville, Ohio, we specialize in providing top-quality European auto repairs and maintenance, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best. Our ASE-certified technicians are committed to delivering exceptional service, making us your trusted choice for all Audi maintenance and repair needs.

Why Choose C's Autohaus for Your Audi?

Expert Audi Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for maintaining your Audi’s performance and longevity. At C’s Autohaus, we offer comprehensive services tailored to meet the specific needs of your Audi, adhering to factory recommendations to preserve your warranty and enhance your vehicle’s safety and efficiency:

  • Oil and Filter Change: Essential for maintaining engine health.
  • Fluid Services: Including coolant, power steering, brake, and rear differential fluids.
  • Filter Replacements: Air, cabin, and fuel filters to ensure optimal air quality and engine performance.
  • Comprehensive Tune-ups: Adjustments and checks to optimize vehicle operations.
  • Tire Services: Rotation and balancing to extend tire life and improve handling.
  • Transmission Care: Fluid flush and filter changes for smooth gear transitions.


Comprehensive Audi Auto Repair

Audi Repair and Maintenance in Centerville, OH by C's Autohaus. A sleek, red Audi parked in front of C's Autohaus, showcasing their expertise in servicing and maintaining high-performance vehicles.

We provide detailed repairs that address both wear and tear and more serious issues, ensuring your Audi remains in peak condition:

  • Brake System: Replacement and repairs of pads, rotors, calipers, and lines.
  • Suspension and Steering: Repair and replacement of tie rod ends, bushings, shocks, and struts.
  • Belts and Hoses: Essential for maintaining the functionality of various systems.
  • Air Conditioning and Heating: From compressors to evaporator cores.
  • Electrical Components and Drivetrain: Includes sensors, alternators, and steering pumps.
  • Engine Cooling: Maintenance of thermostats, radiators, and cooling hoses.
  • Starting System: Repairs involving starters and electrical connections.

Additionally, we handle specific common Audi issues such as:

  • Ignition System Failures: Problems with spark plugs and ignition coils are common and can affect engine performance.
  • Exhaust System Repairs: Including catalytic converters and exhaust manifolds that may suffer from corrosion or damage.
  • Driveline Components: Repairing or replacing driveline components including CV joints and axles that can wear down due to stress and environmental conditions.
  • Oil Leaks: Common in some Audi models, especially around valve covers and oil pans. We diagnose and repair leaks to prevent further engine issues.

Performance Upgrades

For Audi enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle’s performance, C’s Autohaus offers performance parts installation to boost your Audi’s efficiency and power.

Amenities and Warranty at C’s Autohaus

Customer-Centric Amenities

We understand that vehicle maintenance can disrupt your day. That’s why we offer amenities designed to make the service experience as convenient as possible:

  • After-Hours Drop-Off and Pick-Up: Flexible service options to fit your schedule.
  • Courtesy Local Shuttle Service: We ensure you can get around while your car is being serviced.
  • Comfortable Waiting Area: Enjoy free Wi-Fi and beverages if you choose to wait.

Our Warranty

At C’s Autohaus, we stand behind our work. We offer a robust 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all services and repairs, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your Audi is covered.

FAQs About Audi Vehicles at C’s Autohaus

Q: How often should my Audi be serviced?
A: Audi vehicles should generally be serviced every 10,000 miles or once a year, but this can vary based on your specific model and driving habits.

Q: Can C’s Autohaus handle advanced electronic repairs?
A: Yes, our technicians are proficient in sophisticated diagnostics and repairs, ensuring your Audi’s advanced electronic systems are properly maintained.

Q: Why should I choose C’s Autohaus over a dealership?
A: We offer personalized service with equal or higher quality standards at a more competitive price point, without affecting your warranty.

Visit C’s Autohaus for Audi Repair and Maintenance

For reliable, expert Audi service and repair, visit C’s Autohaus at 1690 Thomas Paine Pkwy, Centerville, OH. Schedule your service today by calling 937-428-6040 or visiting our website. Whether you need routine maintenance, a critical repair, or performance upgrades, trust our skilled team to take care of your Audi with the utmost professionalism and care.

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