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Domestic Auto Repair

C’s Autohaus is a veteran-owned repair shop specializing in
European, Asian and domestic vehicle repair and maintenance.

We specialize in servicing and repair of Domestic vehicles

C's Autohaus - Domestic Auto Repair

When you need a mechanic with experience working on any make vehicle, including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Lincoln, Cadillac, and Chrysler, you can count on the ASE Certified auto technicians at C’s Autohaus. Our Centerville, OH shop has all the computers and tools needed for domestic auto repair.

If you need regular maintenance or your domestic vehicle broke down, contact C’s Autohaus to schedule an appointment or instruct your tow truck driver to drop your vehicle off. We service the Centerville, OH, Kettering, OH, and Dayton, OH areas.

Customer Testimonials


“I have been taking my Audi TT to C’s for several years now. I tried a couple of other local places but after finding C’s, I have never gone anywhere else! … I highly recommend this company. You won’t be disappointed!!”

- Bill S.

“Best quality mechanic you’ll find around here. The staff have always been very courteous and they get the job done swiftly and they do it right. Finding an honest mechanic can be hard. Your search is over!”

- Andrew W.

Full-Service Domestic Auto Repair in Centerville, OH

C's Autohaus provides preventative maintenance and full-service auto repair for domestic vehicles, including Ford, Chevy, Dodge Lincoln, Cadillac, and Chrysler.

We use the newest technology to ensure that your car is diagnosed properly. We also use OEM parts and high-quality aftermarket parts to ensure that your vehicle’s repairs are quality repairs.

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Domestic Auto Repair we provide include:

  • Heating and air conditioning, including air compressors, evaporators, condensers, heater cores, dryers, accumulators, orifice tubes, expansion blocks, and high- and low-pressure lines
  • Steering and suspension, including gearboxes, power steering pumps, high- and low-pressure power steering lines, power steering racks, tie rods, struts, shocks, springs, bushings, and more
  • Computer systems, including electronic control modules, sensors, and senders
  • Wiring issues
  • Windows and doors, including window regulators and power door locks, and manual door locks
  • The ignition system, including ignition switches, key switches, plug, plug wires, distributors, and more
  • Fuel system components, including fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel lines, injectors, and carburetors
  • Wheels and tires
  • Brake systems, including master cylinders, brake lines, shoes, pads, drums, rotors, calipers, wheel cylinders, and ABS systems
  • Cooling system components, including water pumps, radiators, thermostats, radiator hoses, bypass hoses, and fans
  • Timing belts and timing chains

Vehicle Maintenance in Centerville, OH

Keeping your vehicle maintained is imperative as it reduces the risk of it breaking down unexpectedly. During maintenance, our ASE Certified techs near Kettering, OH, and Dayton, OH check for upcoming problems. We’ll let you know if something needs immediate attention or find something that needs repair soon. The maintenance we provide for domestic vehicles including Ford, Chevy, Dodge Lincoln, Cadillac, and Chrysler includes:

  • Belts and hoses
  • Brake pads
  • Replacing tires
  • Balancing tires
  • Tune-ups
  • Transmission filter changes
  • Transmission flushes
  • Power steering fluid flushes
  • Brake fluid flushes
  • Coolant flushes
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Air filter replacement

When you bring your vehicle in for service, we’ll check the brakes, tires, steering, and suspension, among other items that are easily visible. If you are not in for belts and hoses, we will check belts for everyday wear, cracking, and dry rot. We’ll also check the hoses for dry rot and whether they are rotting from inside.

Contact C's Autohaus

If you need service on your vehicle or need us to check a potential problem, call the shop at (937) 428-6040 to schedule an appointment. If your car broke down, instruct the tow truck to bring it to our Centerville, OH repair shop and give us a call when it’s on the way to let us know what happened. We’ll get you in and fixed up as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.

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