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C's Autohaus - Services

Cars, trucks and SUVs break down – with as many moving parts as a vehicle has, it’s bound to happen sooner or later, even if you have a top-of-the-line model. When you need auto repair, maintenance and service, an experienced mechanic will provide you with quality customer service and vehicle maintenance. Because we believe in keeping you and your family safe, we use OEM parts to make sure your vehicle has the highest quality parts installed as we repair your vehicle correctly the first time.

Multiple classic vehicles being worked on at C's Autohaus. We perform any services you need on your vehicle.


C’s Autohaus not only repairs and maintains vehicles, but we also offer services such as alignments, dyno testing, performance tuning, and your normal every-day services such as brake repair, flushes, alignments, and belts and hoses.

Tires and Alignments

You can tell if your vehicle might have an alignment or suspension problem if you notice that the tires are wearing unevenly. If you notice one side or the other wearing, bring your vehicle in and we’ll put it on the lift to check for suspension problems. If we do not find anything, we’ll put it on the alignment rack, set your alignment, then we’ll rotate the tires for you (where applicable).

Dyno Testing and Performance Tuning

When you pay for a performance upgrade, you want to know just how much horsepower and / or torque that upgrade gave you. We can put your vehicle on the dyno prior to doing an upgrade, and then after to see just how much power the upgrade and performance tuning netted you. Give us a call at the shop to discuss your performance needs.


The manufacturer of your vehicle sometimes recommends flushing certain fluids in order to keep them clean. This is not the same as changing the fluids. Flushing cleans out the reservoirs and pans. Fluid flushes include:

  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Transmission fluid (and filter)
  • Coolant

We can also change the oil and filter, and check and change the differential fluid in your vehicle.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

Once in a while, the fuel injectors get clogged and won’t spray properly. Instead of replacing the injectors, we can clean them. However, if one or more injectors are leaking or have another problem, cleaning them will not work – they’ll have to be replaced.

Auto Repair

With all the moving parts in a vehicle, you’re bound to have to make repairs sooner or later. We can repair most systems on most vehicles, including:

  • The ignition system, including ignition switches, plugs, and coils
  • The fuel injection system, including fuel injectors and throttle bodies, and cleaning the fuel injectors
  • Air conditioning, including the compressor, condenser, drier / accumulator, orifice tube / expansion block, and the various air conditioning controls
  • Heating, including the heater core and various heating controls
  • Cooling, including hoses, the water pump, thermostat, and fans
  • Drivetrain
  • Powertrain
  • Driveability
  • The suspension system
  • The steering system
  • The brake system

Contact C’s Autohaus

Whether your vehicle needs maintenance, services, repairs, or you want to add performance and performance tuning, give C’s Autohaus a call to schedule an appointment. If you break down on the road, direct the tow truck driver to bring your vehicle to us and give the shop a call when the tow truck is on the way.

Customer Testimonials


“I have been taking my Audi TT to C’s for several years now. I tried a couple of other local places but after finding C’s, I have never gone anywhere else! … I highly recommend this company. You won’t be disappointed!!”

- Bill S.

“Best quality mechanic you’ll find around here. The staff have always been very courteous and they get the job done swiftly and they do it right. Finding an honest mechanic can be hard. Your search is over!”

- Andrew W.

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