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Fall Car Care for Euros, Exotics, and Luxury Cars in Centerville, OH

As the 80-degree weather winds down, rainclouds appear more often than not, potentially putting a wrench in your travels. You could even end up in dicey situations if your car is not fully prepared for the fall weather. Thankfully, our team at C’s Autohaus makes it easy to get all the fall car care your Euros, exotics, and luxury cars need. Ready to get started? Here’s how we can help.

Fall Car Care for Euros, Exotics, and Luxury Cars with C's Autohaus in Dayton, OH; image of happy family on bench in the woods during fall with their white subaru car in the background

Restore Your Lights

As the rain starts to come down hard, your headlights cannot correctly illuminate the way ahead. Cloudy lenses can make matters much worse, leaving you unable to see the lines on the road. Fortunately, your auto tech can fix that by polishing away the oxidation and scratches. After that, they can check your bulbs to verify they’re functioning correctly and shining as brightly as they should.

Change the Wipers

As the blade on your windshield wipers wears out, the rubber surface cannot clear away the water adequately. The remaining smeared liquid then blocks your view of the road, which could result in a severe accident if there are obstructions ahead. To avoid all that, it’s best to get your wipers changed at the beginning of the fall season. With regular use, they’re only good for about six months anyway, which times it perfectly for another wiper change at the beginning of spring.

Inspect the Tires

Your tires can only evacuate water at a quick clip when the tread exceeds the 2/32nds mark. If it cannot get rid of the water fast enough, you’re bound to start hydroplaning, resulting in a battle for control of your car. You can keep your tires properly gripping the road by having them inspected at the start of every season. If your tech notices low tread depth or other defects, they’ll let you know that it’s time for replacement tires. Otherwise, they can just rotate your tires and perform a wheel alignment to keep them wearing evenly and performing at their best.

Get Brake Service

Slippery roads make it difficult to stop quickly, especially in emergencies. To improve your chances of stopping on a dime, just have your mechanic in Centerville, OH, service your brakes. They will check the pads and rotors’ condition and let you know if it’s time to replace them. Depending on what’s found during the inspection, your car might also benefit from a brake fluid flush or other auto repair services.

Time for Auto Repair in Centerville, OH?

Whether you need basic fall car care or want to move forward with your performance upgrades, all it takes is a call to our team at C’s Autohaus. We’re always available at 937-428-6040 to help you find a great time to swing by. Then, at your visit, our team can handle your vehicle maintenance, repairs, and upgrades as needed to preserve its value, safety, and performance. So, please feel free to reach out to us whenever you need quality care for your car.

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