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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment in Centerville, OH

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need A Wheel Alignment with C's Autohaus in Centerville, OH; image of red mini cooper on alignment machine in shop bay area

While the name “wheel alignment” seems self-explanatory, it can be a bit misleading. Contrary to what the name suggests, a wheel alignment isn’t an adjustment of your tires and wheels. A wheel alignment explains when a mechanic adjusts and fine-tunes your vehicle’s suspension and steering. These key components do, however, connect to your wheels. 

Attaining proper wheel alignment is achieved by carefully adjusting the angles of your tires. And this essential measurement determines how your tires contact the road. While each vehicle’s ideal wheel alignment can vary based on the model, make, and manufacturer’s suggestions, most wheel misalignments offer a few tell-tale signs. Let’s take a closer look at five easy-to-spot signs you need to schedule a wheel alignment at C’s Autohaus in Centerville, OH. 

Your Steering Wheel Doesn’t Remain Straight

When driving down the road in Centerville, OH, or anywhere else, your wheel should remain centered when you let go of the steering wheel. While it may drift slightly to the right or left on curved roads, it should stay primarily straight. If you let go of the wheel and it pulls harshly to the right or left, it’s a strong indicator your vehicle needs a wheel alignment.  

Does Your Wheel Vibrate?

Although you may feel bumps in your steering wheel as you drive over potholes and such, it shouldn’t move — at all. More specifically, your steering wheel should not vibrate. If you feel vibrations, your vehicle may need a wheel alignment. Out-of-balance tires can lead to steering wheel vibrations. This is most often caused by those who participate in off-roading activities or regularly drive over potholes. You may not feel the vibration when traveling at lower speeds. But when you climb to a higher speed, a vibrating steering wheel is a tell-tale sign of the need for wheel alignment. 

Tires Have Abnormal Wear

Ideally, your tires should wear each wear at the same rate — as long as you have them appropriately rotated. Your treads should first wear down in the center, where most contact should be made. Vehicles that are out of alignment will demonstrate abnormal wear patterns. More specifically, you may notice more wear on one edge or side than the other. 

Does Your Steering Feel Loose?

If your steering wanders around the road or feels loose, this can be another sign your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. Your steering wheel should have a direct response to your input. Anytime you turn the wheel and feel slow or minimal tire movement, you should contact C’s Autohaus for a wheel alignment inspection. 

Does Your Vehicle Pull or Drift to One Side?

Perhaps, the most prevalent tell-tale sign you need wheel alignment is when your vehicle pulls to one side of the road. When you’re driving on a flat and straight surface and let go of the wheel, your car should remain relatively straightforward. However, if it drifts to the right or left, this is a classic symptom of out-of-alignment wheels. 

Need Wheel Alignment in Centerville, OH? Contact C’s Autohaus

Tire alignment isn’t a service that should be overlooked or taken lightly. While visiting a mechanic for wheel alignment may seem like an inconvenience, it could be a matter of life or death. If you’re in a situation where you have to make an emergency maneuver, your wheel alignment can play an unrivaled role in avoiding a collision. Fortunately, the mechanic at C’s Autohaus can help. 

Contact us today for wheel alignment in Centerville, OH. 

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