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Time to Get Started on Your Summer Maintenance Checklist

As you get your summer plans in order, don’t forget to make sure your car is ready for all your upcoming adventures across Centerville OH. By getting all the key summer car care tasks done, you can keep it running and driving at its best despite the high temperatures. But where should you focus your efforts? Just use this summer maintenance checklist to get your car into shape and ready to go.

Time to Get Started on Your Summer Maintenance Checklist with C's Autohaus in Centerville Oh, image of woman broke down on side of the road with hood of red car lifted while she has leg leaning on the car using her phone holding the back of her head with her other arm

Get Your Oil Changed

Whether you drive a high-performance sports car or a low-key grocery-getter, you can always do well by your car by getting its oil changed on time. Each time your Centerville, Oh., auto tech changes the oil and filter, the new fluid can better lubricate, clean, and cool all the moving parts in your engine. The new filter also plays a key role by grabbing all the contaminants out of the oil, keeping your engine internals moving mile freely after mile.

Top Off All Your Fluids

After the oil change, your tech will need to check and top off all the other fluids, like for the:

  • Transmission
  • Cooling system
  • Steering
  • Brakes

Even the windshield washer fluid is well worth checking and filling up, so you can see the road ahead with ease.

Do a Battery Test

The summertime is when automotive batteries fail most often as high temperatures wreak havoc on their internal chemistry. And when your battery dies, you’ll likely end up stuck on the side of the road instead of cruising off to your next destination.

You can avoid that scenario by having your battery tested to see if it’s at the end of its life. If so, get it replaced right away, so you can continue on your travels without delay.

Inspect Your Brakes

Although get up and go might be the only thing on your mind, take a moment to think about the stopping power of your braking system as well. Your trusted technician can see if the pads, rotors, and other parts need service through a quick brake inspection. You can then go the distance without worrying about bringing it all to a stop as needed for safe travels.

Check the Tires and Alignment

Since your tires are your car’s only contact with the road, you want them to stay in alignment, at the proper pressure level, and in excellent condition. Otherwise, you’re simply at risk of losing control of your car if a tire blowout or other significant issues arises. Thankfully, your Centerville, Oh., auto tech can look over your tires and check your wheel alignment to ensure all is well before you go on your next adventure.

Ready for Summer Car Care? Your Centerville Mechanic Can Help

If you would like help moving through your summer maintenance checklist, reach out to our team at C’s Autohaus with a call at 937-428-6040. While serving as your Centerville mechanic, we will proudly provide the highest quality of service and support, plus always use the best parts and fluids for your vehicle. So, give us a call today to get summer car care out of the way so that you can head out on all your adventures. Be sure to ask about our military discount and check out our coupons for money-saving opportunities.

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