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Your Ultimate Pre-Trip Maintenance Checklist

Whether you’re going on a long road trip in your classic car or loading up your VW for a weekend getaway, make maintenance a top priority before you go. By completing the necessary service tasks ahead of time, you can avoid breakdowns and stay safe on all your travels. Are you wondering just what services to get out of the way? Just use this pre-trip maintenance checklist to get your car ready to hit the road.

Your Ultimate Pre-Trip Maintenance Checklist with C's Autohaus in Centerville, OH. image of happy family driving on a roadtrip with the sun shining on their faces


Auto repair in Centerville, OH, should always start with a thorough digital inspection. By having a skilled and experienced auto tech look over your car, you can avoid parts failures and other frustrating surprises on your trip. Your tech will also confirm that all your lights work, inside and out, so you can see mile after mile.

Oil Change

Timely oil changes keep your engine running strong by ensuring all its moving parts are thoroughly cleaned, cooled, and lubricated. So, before you go on your trip, check that your oil was changed on time and use the proper fluid and filter. Plus, have your auto tech in Centerville, OH, check all your fluid levels, and top them off as needed.


Avoid getting stranded at a faraway rest stop by having your battery tested and serviced. Your tech should check the condition of your battery plus clean off its terminals and tighten your cables. If your battery is too old or doesn’t produce a substantial charge, replace it before you go to keep your car starting upon demand.

Brake Job

Perhaps nothing can derail your trip faster than losing precious stopping power or noticing a change in your brake pedal feel. Thankfully, you can have your Centerville, OH auto tech service your brakes before you go. Depending on your vehicle’s needs, they may change your pads, cut or replace your rotors, or even perform a brake fluid flush. Need your drums and shoes serviced instead? Our techs can do that, too.


Your tires are your only point of contact with the road, so make sure they are in fantastic shape before you go. Upon coming in for auto repair in Centerville, OH, your tech can check your tread depth and tire condition to confirm they’re in great shape. Then, they can rotate your tires and perform a wheel alignment to keep them wearing evenly.

AC Service

The last thing you want on a long road trip is your AC failing to blow cold air out of the vents. So, have the system tested and thoroughly looked over by a skilled tech to avoid that. They can also recharge your refrigerant if needed to keep your air conditioning blowing cold.

Get Ready to Hit the Road with Help from Your Centerville, OH Mechanic

If you need help completing your pre-trip maintenance checklist, just give our team at C’s Autohaus a call at 937-428-6040 to schedule your visit. Upon coming to our auto repair shop, your Centerville, OH mechanic will get your car in great shape and ready to exceed your expectations through every mile. So, please feel free to give us a call anytime you need our auto maintenance and repair services.

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