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C's Autohaus Gives Top Engine Maintenance Tips for European Cars

Whether you drive an Audi, BMW, or something altogether different, your European car undoubtedly offers all the luxury, performance, and comfort you could ever want. All that refined excellence does come at a cost, however. In order to keep enjoying your vehicle to the fullest, you need to make maintenance a top priority, starting with the engine. To help you make that happen, here’s a look at the top engine maintenance tips for European cars.

Top Engine MaintenanceC's Autohaus Gives Tips for European Cars in Centerville, Oh. image of man leaning over engine of european car holding the top of hood on side of the road

Monitor Your Fluid Levels

Upon firing up your engine, the oil reduces friction between all its moving parts, while the coolant keeps its operating temp at the perfect level. If either of these fluids falls below the ideal range, then catastrophic damage could occur, leaving your engine in shambles. So, to keep your motor in excellent condition, always take the time to check your fluids and top them off if they start to get low.

Schedule Fluid Changes

Automotive fluids can also lose their lubricative and cooling properties over time, increasing the friction and heat inside your engine. You can prevent that from happening by having your oil changed and coolant flushed regularly. The ideal timing of those services depends on your vehicle’s year, model, and engine type. If you’re unsure when to come in, ask your auto repair tech, and they will let you know.

Keep It Breathing

Your engine needs to breathe freely to perform at its best. Otherwise, the restricted airflow could cause the engine to run rich, resulting in misfires, carbon buildup, and poor performance. Thankfully, it’s easy to keep the right amount of air flowing into the engine. Be sure to have to get your air filter changed whenever it starts looking a bit foul.  

Change Your Belts

If you adore the engine in your European car or at least prefer not to spend tons on repairs or replacement, then you want to change your belts on time. Your timing belt, in particular, can cause significant issues if it breaks, allowing your pistons to meet your valves in a rather catastrophic manner. Please don’t skip the other belts either, as they run the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and so much more.

Time for Excellent European Auto Repair? Come to C’s Autohaus

With these engine maintenance tips on your side, you can keep your vehicle running strong through the years. Your commitment to timely maintenance can even prevent the need for costly European auto repair, saving you tons of money over the years.

If you’d like to give your engine the care and attention it deserves, call us at 937-428-6040. Our Centerville, OH auto repair team knows just what it takes to keep Euros of all kinds running and driving at their best. We can easily handle all your preventative maintenance tasks and always use the best parts and suitable fluids. So, give us a call today to schedule your visit and get your car on our schedule.

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