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Fantastic 4 Fall Car Care Tips in Centerville, OH

Fall Car Care Tips in Centerville, OH | C’s Autohaus. Closeup image of a blue car on asphalt road in countryside during fall season.As leaves change colors and the air becomes refreshingly crisper, make no mistake—fall is here. While most people look forward to sweater weather, the same people overlook the importance of fall car care tips.

Fortunately, C’s Autohaus is your local, trusted, family-owned car repair and maintenance center in Centerville, OH. In observance of Fall Car Care Month, we’ve outlined some of the best fall car care tips you can do to protect your vehicle (and wallet).

1. Fall Car Care Starts with Tire Inspection.

Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that has physical contact with the road. They impact your handling, performance, braking ability, and overall safety. Thus, it makes dollars and sense to ensure your tires are safe and in good working order.

Unfortunately, most people overlook their tires until there is a problem, such as a flat or blowout.

The best solution: take a few minutes to give your tires a once over. Look for any wear, bulges, gouges, or other damage. Moreover, your tires should have sufficient depth.

To ensure your tires are in working order, it’s best to have them inspected and serviced by the professionals at C’s Autohaus.

2. Ensure All Lights Are Properly Working.

One of the downsides of fall is that the long summer days have come to a halt. Night will come significantly earlier in the fall, which means you’ll be driving more in the dark. Before this happens, it’s best to ensure every exterior light of your car is working.

Besides brake and reverse lights, also pay special attention to your headlights. If your headlights are foggy or cloudy, consider having them cleaned by the experts at C’s Autohaus. And if any lights are not working, we’re here to help.

3. Inspect Your Wiper Blade.

In addition to shorter daylight hours, fall can bring more rain and snow in Centerville, OH. This makes it imperative that your windshield wipers are up to the task.

You can run a quick test to determine whether your blades need to be replaced. Simply turn both windshield washers and wipers on. If your blades leave a streak, you may need to replace them.

4. Consider Washer Fluid Replacement.

Fall temperatures in Centerville, OH can quickly turn from nice to ice…and snow. Your fall maintenance checklist should include preventative measures to help prepare you for such a scenario.

For example, you may want to upgrade your windshield washer fluid to a winter blend. These specialized blends are formulated to resist freezing.

Contact C’s Autohaus for Fall Car Maintenance in Centerville, OH

October is Fall Car Care Month throughout the U.S. This time is commemorated to remind you to pay special attention and prepare your vehicle for the coming cold months.

When completing your fall maintenance checklist, the team at C’s Autohaus can and will help. As your local, family-owned automotive experts, we offer reliable auto repair and car maintenance for virtually all makes and models.

Schedule an appointment today. Fill out this form, drop by our shop at 1690 Thomas Paine Pkwy, Centerville, OH 45459, or call us at (937) 428-6040.

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